WOC 2021

Workshop on Context

Proceedings of the 2021 Workshop on Context: Semantics, Pragmatics and Cognition

co-located with the later-delayed 12th Conference Modeling and Using Context

Online, June 21-22, 2021

Edited by
Carlo Penco*
Antonio Negro*
* DAFIST, University of Genoa, Italy

This workshop follows traditional Workshops on Context, or on Context Representation and Reasoning,
connected with the main Conferences on Modeling and Using Context: CRR05, C&ORR07, WOC2010, WOC2017.

Video (mp4) of sessions / June 21 (see below), and a ppt by Navarro, whose talk was not recorded.

Video (mp4) of sessions / June 22 (see below)

(music played during coffee breaks: general Youtube Coffe morning + Bill Evans)

Table of Contents

(detailed schedule)

June 21 - Morning: Experimental Results on Context in Pragmatics

June 21 - Afternoon: On the Semantics-Pragmatics Boundary

June 22 - Morning: The Role of Context in Natural Language Processing

June 22 Afternoon: Epistemological and Cognitive Aspects of Context-Dependence

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